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Project: Omsk NKZ

Task: Flange Fastener Manufacturing

Client: Gazpromneft

Description: Working with a major oil refinery has made flange fasteners a priority at this stage in our company's life.

In working on a new type of product for us, we got the opportunity to apply the experience of previous cases and our own developments and in a short time become a leading manufacturer of flange fasteners.

This is the result of hard work and proof that the company's development vector, chosen several years ago, turned out to be correct.

Project: ZapSibNefteKhim-2

Task: Supply Foundation Bolts

Client: Technip

Description: Technip is the largest European company involved in the creation of objects around the world. In 2015-2016, they were looking for contractors for construction in Tobolsk.

The main condition was compliance with high technical requirements for products. Quality control was carried out by a representative of the customer's company, which inevitably led to difficulties due to the insolvency of some contractors.

It was this case that became the starting point in the construction of our own factory. After all, only by fully controlling all stages of production can you be 100% sure of the result.

Project: Amur GPP

Task: Supply of embedded parts

Client: Renaissance Industries

Description: Work with a Turkish holding engaged in construction and energy began with the supply of foundation bolts to the Amur GPP. By that time, we had our own workshop and were actively developing this area, reducing time and production costs.

Further work on embedded parts for the same site revealed two pain points customers face: timing and traceability. Having experience of working with European companies and focusing primarily on international quality standards, we expanded our production by purchasing equipment for automated submerged arc welding.

Project: Linde Engineering

Task: Supply of foundation bolts - 110 tons

Client: ZapSibNefteKhim-2

Description: The main principle of our company is honesty in everything, down to the smallest detail.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our brand reputation.

We have gone from completing small orders and tenders in 2013 to joint projects with Linde Engineering, Technip and CASALE.

Looking back, we can say with confidence that the path we have chosen is the right one.

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Production of metal products, metal structures and fasteners to order

A company of a new format, which in a short period of time has formed a reputation as a reliable business partner in the metalworking industry.
We are distinguished by a fundamentally different approach to solving problems, global goals and enthusiasm on the verge of possibilities.
We are inspired by our work and look to the future with confidence.

Our task is to quickly, conveniently and reliably provide our customers with the necessary assortment of high-quality fasteners just in time with minimal costs. We have our own production facilities, which allows us to individually approach each client and find the most effective cooperation schemes.

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