Flange fasteners

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Flange fasteners are a part used for fastening various structures in the oil and gas industry. Consists of a flat steel part with symmetrical holes (flange), fasteners and gaskets. Complete with studs or bolts, washers and nuts.

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Why us?


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Flange fasteners

Saotron company manufactures and sells all flange fastener components:

Studs- threaded steel rod.
They are made by rolling, which increases the mechanical and fatigue strength of the thread by 20-40%. Exact thread class with 6H tolerance.

Washer - a ring or disc for a flange pair.
The high mechanical properties of the parts required by the technical documentation are ensured by heat treatment in a hardening and tempering unit with a protective atmosphere.

The nut is a screwing element.

M12-M42 nuts are made by hot heading, which increases the mechanical properties.

Fasteners for flange connections can be made with different types of coating: thermal diffusion / hot zinc / cold zinc / cadmium plating / uncoated.

Flange Fastener Scope

Depending on the technical task and scope of application, various types of flange fasteners can be used in the construction of production facilities in the chemical, oil refining, gas and oil industries.

Why us?

SAOTRON is a brand with a clearly defined position. We are gradually expanding our competencies: before moving on to the production of a new product, we study the market, identify weaknesses in the industry, and modernize the technological base. A detailed preparatory stage allows you to avoid mistakes in production and enter the market with a product that is competitive in all respects: price, quality, terms.

We switched to the production of flange fasteners only after we firmly took positions in the niche of embedded parts.

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