Foundation bolts

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A foundation bolt is a steel product in the form of a rod with a threaded part; consists of a metal rod and a special device that holds the foundation bolt inside the foundation. It is used for fastening structures in the construction of residential buildings, industrial buildings, roads, etc. Bolts are produced in accordance with GOST 24379.1. On our website you can choose and buy foundation bolts for your needs.

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Why us?


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Foundation bolts


Depending on the scope of application, the bolts are divided into several types, but they are invariably produced in accordance with GOST 24379.1-2012, which regulates the dimensions and their configuration.

According to this national standard, a foundation bolt can be composed of elements such as:

  • Central core;
  • Anchor fittings;
  • Stove; Bushing;
  • Coupling; Puck;
  • Nut bolt;
  • Tube;
  • Decompression scurvy.

Types of foundation bolts

We produce bolts of the following types:

  • curved;
  • removable;
  • with anchor plate;
  • straight;
  • composite;
  • with a conical end.

Depending on the technical specification, bent foundation bolts are used in various fields: straight bolts are used in the construction of industrial structures, bolts with an anchor plate are made for advertising structures, and composite bolts are used in joints of reinforced concrete structures.

Steel grades:

When choosing a foundation bolt, the steel grade plays an important role. It is determined primarily by the temperature regime in which the building will be operated. For example, if the minimum temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, bolts made of steel with the marking VSt3kp2 are used. The advantage of the bolts produced by SAOTRON is the complete traceability of the production process, as well as the exact compliance with the technical passport of the product.

Length of the foundation bolt

The length of the foundation bolt also depends on the scope of application and can range from 300 to 2800 mm. In order to accurately calculate the required length, it is necessary to draw up a technical specification and consult with a specialist. We fulfill orders according to both standard parameters and specific customer requests.

Cross-sectional area, diameter

In the process of drawing up the terms of reference when choosing parts, it is important to take into account several important parameters. The cross-sectional area, depth and length of the anchoring of the foundation bolts can be calculated by our specialists within a day after receiving those. tasks. In addition, we will also help determine parameters such as the height and depth of anchoring of foundation bolts, as well as help determine the required diameter.

Weight of foundation bolts GOST 24379 1

Pay attention to such a parameter as the weight of the foundation bolts (GOST 24379.1). The cost is calculated by weight, which corresponds to a certain number of parts. For more information, you can also contact our specialists by phone +7 (343) 289-44-59 or by e-mail


Steel grades St3, 09G2S, 40X are used in the manufacture. The main mechanical properties of these types of steel are corrosion resistance and high strength, as well as weldability without restrictions. The products can be used in industry for welded metal structures operating at temperatures from -70 to +425 under pressure.

Depending on the technical specification, the foundation bolts can be executed in various versions:

  • length up to 5000 mm;
  • diameter from m12 to m140;
  • coated (galvanizing, hot-dip zinc, thermal diffusion).

Knurling and hot stamping methods are used in the manufacture — this is how we achieve increased productivity and improved mechanical characteristics. These technologies also allow you to reduce the selling price of products - up to -30%.

Why us?

SAOTRON's products meet three main customer needs: price, quality, timing.


The cost of products directly depends on many factors — this is the purchase price of raw materials, personnel, logistics. We are always working on the most comfortable conditions for our customers: we are looking for suppliers, training staff, developing infrastructure. So we have ensured that the price is 100% justified by the quality.


Our task is to provide the maximum result in the shortest possible time. To do this, our company has implemented a model of "lean manufacturing", which allows avoiding costs wherever possible. In addition, we have developed our own version of the ERP system, which allowed us to reduce the number of errors related to the human factor and speed up production several times.


We provide high quality parts with clear production regulations, including control at each stage, traceability and mandatory labeling of each batch. The product passport contains all the necessary technical information that 100% meets the customer's requirements.

Table of correspondence of length and diameter to the concrete product to which they are attached:

note: this table is an example for steel grade VSt3kp2, for other grades with a different class of concrete, the depth of sealing is determined by the formula prescribed in the "MANUAL FOR THE DESIGN OF ANCHOR BOLTS FOR FIXING BUILDING STRUCTURES AND EQUIPMENT (to SNiP 2.09.03-85 (current version of SP 43.13330.2012)" paragraph 3.20.

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