Embedded parts

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Embedded parts are steel elements used in construction to connect prefabricated and precast metal structures before concreting. Depending on the type of element, embedded products are used in energy, metallurgy, heavy engineering, gas and oil refining, road construction. Select embedded products for your tasks on this page.

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Why us?


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Embedded parts

Our production

In the production of steel embedded parts, we focus on the following criteria:


Our products are used in the construction of such facilities as Sredneuralskaya GRES, "ZapSib-2", "Linde Azot Togliatti". Raw materials for production are fully tested for compliance with the requirements, the traceability of production stages is documented in the passport, finished products are tested in the laboratory of destructive control.

Technical equipment

The technological base includes imported and domestic machines. We use popular equipment and introduce technologies that allow you to increase productivity without losing quality. So, for example, welding with a robotic complex allows you to improve the mechanical characteristics, and cutting and countersinking holes with a laser allows you to reduce the selling price by 20%.

Volumes and terms

Today we sell about 60 tons of products per month. Manufacturing of embedded parts with a volume of 10 tons is:

  • 8 hours to process the application (before receiving the commercial proposal);
  • 3 days for making an order;
  • 2 days for coating;
  • 8 hours for picking and packaging;
  • 4 for the shipment of finished products.

The terms of all orders are formed taking into account the current production load.

About the production of PCF "SAOTRON"

We have set ourselves the task not only to compete in the market, but to be two steps ahead, anticipating customer needs.

SAOTRON operates in accordance with the international requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. This system regulates all production processes, from working with a client to direct manufacturing of parts. We have introduced and adapted quality standards in the enterprise in order to perform technically complex tasks and participate in large projects.

Our product is the result of many years of work in the industry, a detailed study of our capabilities, and elaboration of every little detail. Where others see difficulties, we see prospects and growth points.

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