The Termin Factory is a logical continuation of the history of the Saotron brand.
From 2012 to 2017, the company was engaged in complex deliveries of rolled metal, fasteners and other metal products in the field of energy, chemistry and petrochemistry.

With the gradual expansion of competencies, it became increasingly clear that for further development it was necessary to create our own production in order to be 100% confident in the product being sold.

The plant was founded in 2018 and for a modest period by the standards of the industry, we have achieved the main goal: we have become synonymous with the word "quality" for our customers and partners.

We produce quality

Made in the Urals

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"Termin" has high-tech imported CNC machines, a destructive and non-destructive testing laboratory and a digital production system.


We have technologies that multiply the productivity of machine tools. The resulting products have improved mechanical properties and fully comply with both Russian and international standards.

Quality control system

Regulated input, step-by-step control of finished products ensures the identification of possible defects at the earliest stage and excludes the supply of inappropriate products.

Destructive testing laboratory

Our equipment allows for chemical analysis, ultrasonic testing, as well as impact strength and rupture tests at t up to 140C.


Each product is accompanied by a passport, which contains certificates for all materials used, all product data such as heat numbers, chemical analysis and mechanical test results are 100% true.


For easy identification at each stage of production, products are marked. The warehouse has organized address storage using barcodes, which reduces the order picking time by 3 times.

ERP system

Digitization of processes allows you to reduce time costs and produce large volumes of products in less time without loss of quality, as well as plan the execution of orders and minimize the human factor.


Skilled workers are what distinguishes an enterprise from a warehouse with expensive equipment. We provide the staff with the conditions for growth, increasing their qualifications and value as specialists

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