Installation of embedded parts


In the manufacture of parts, steel grades 09G2S and St3 are used. The type of steel used depends on the construction in which it will be used. For example, 09G2S steel is used in construction at low temperatures; steel grade St3 is the most common type of steel for the manufacture of embedded parts due to its improved mechanical properties. In addition, in the production of embedded parts, the Saotron company uses such modern technologies as welding with a robotic complex and laser for countersinking and cutting, which allows increasing productivity and shortening the lead time, while reducing the selling price of the product without losing quality.
All sold parts comply with GOSTs, and also undergo additional tests in destructive testing laboratories.


Installation of embedded parts is divided into 2 types: through and blind.
Through installation of embedded parts is used when it is possible to make a through hole in the material. A metal rod of the embedded element is placed in the hole, which is welded to two steel plates. For blind mounting, parts are attached only on one side. All holes are filled with glue or cement and the steel part is fixed (cast-in type blind mounting); with the anchor type of blind installation, the parts are fixed using special anchors.


Installation of embedded parts in concrete, stone or reinforced concrete surface is used to fasten various parts of the structure under construction. The technology for installing embedded parts differs depending on the type of object under construction, but it is regulated by SNiP and GOST.
During the installation of embedded parts of the foundation, it is important to observe the following sequence of actions:
Draw up a plan for the construction work, indicating the parts used and their exact dimensions. In addition, it is also necessary to indicate the dimensions of the entire structure and the type of installation. Before starting installation, all surfaces must be cleaned of rust and dirt (the type of solution is indicated in the drawings of the embedded parts). Then the surfaces are primed and dried for several hours. Only after all the preparatory work has been completed, the embedded parts are fastened.


The company "Saotron" works on individual orders: in order for us to calculate the cost and production time of the required number of embedded parts, send a technical assignment to
We will help you determine which steel grade is needed for the construction of your facility, we will tell you how the installation of embedded parts weighing up to 4 kg and the installation of embedded parts weighing up to 20 kg differs, and we will also advise on all your questions.
In addition, we are always ready to help you not only choose the embedded parts, but also deal with their installation. Here's an example of a few simple guidelines:
The type of adhesive material is indicated in the drawings of the embedded parts and can be made independently in a special adhesive mixer; The types of degreasing solutions are also indicated in the documents; The permissible degree of surface roughness before treatment with an anti-corrosion agent is calculated in accordance with GOST 2789-73 “Surface roughness. Parameters and characteristics ”; Use abrasive blasting or sandblasting to clean surfaces from scale; If rust appears, remove it with a primer or etchant.

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